Quiet Thoughts

This will probably not last very long, but I just felt like saying hello. “Hello.” Having had a very stressful day at work, it is nice to sit quietly for a little while. The phone rang non-stop and customers were asking questions in person left and right. No one seemed to have any patience, except maybe myself. There were a few times that I could not take a breath, but I kept a smile on my face and a skip in my step. I almost tripped over boxes of freight, but maintenance stopped by and removed it for us.

Well, that was pretty boring…if I do say so myself. Since I did not follow any temptation to go to the casino this week, I do not really feel the desire to flog myself for it. The people that I am accountable to are proud of me. I am just happy to not be broke. I am happy to not have to bum rides or worry about how I am going to get to work. I do not want to be full of pride about anything, hence I am just finding joy in the fact that I didn’t sin.

I am wanting to let my readers know that I am not calling everyone that goes to the casino or buys lottery tickets a sinner. That is far from my point. It is a sin for me. I cannot go and use self control. The atmosphere of excitement and drinking is not good for me and other people with addictive personalities. I must focus on what my life is showing to others, not on what I can get from money.

Just got off Facebook. Why? I found a post that said to stop scrolling because I knew I should be writing. I know that is true, but it is so much more difficult to write on my phone as opposed to my computer. I find it hard to keep other pages open while WordPress is open without accidentally losing my place. I want to use the Blue Letter Bible app to copy and paste scripture references. Who knows, I may get to write more after I get home.

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