I don’t know what will happen to this journal entry. Putting it in my memo is a gamble. Maybe I just need to see if this copies.

Well it did, but I’m already here so I might as well keep writing this as a blog entry.  I’m on my way to work on the trolley. I had a great morning until I decided to go with a friend somewhere instead of going home. I was afraid of sleeping too much. By going with her I lost time I could have been writing to only upset her with my inaction. It is hard to write without naming names or giving complete descriptions of what happened. Just suffice it to say that after a year I’m not making good decisions in relationships. I still avoid confrontation to my own detriment. 

I’m falling asleep more than I thought. Was watching TV. Closed my eyes for a second. Bam…I was snoring. I was thinking it was depression. It may just be sleep apnea again. But I cannot get new equipment. I’m just going to take the most normal rest time and give myself a little grace the rest if the time.

Starting to feel a little better now. Just had to get some of the negative out. Having trouble typing with the trolley rocking, so this may be quite short. It really is almost time to get off the trolley. Bye bye for now. 

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