Prince of Peace 

This has been a great week of reconnecting in prayer and meditation with my Father God. You see, because of my roommate’s work and transportation schedule and mine have criss-crossed. Because of this I have had to go back to riding the trolley a few times a day. I leave the house two hours early for work and an hour early for physical therapy. During my travel time I have been able to listen to all my downloaded music, read a book of choice and meditate on my Bible. It has been so awesome. 

One song that has really ministered to me has been Prince of Peace by Hillsong United. There have been several times in recent weeks that I have had pretty intense anxiety attacks. Mostlt heavy chest pain. I told the doctor anxiety hasn’t been an issue and now it is again. There have also been times when I have been so emotional that I’ve wanted to cry. Even at work. Co-workers have even seen it in my face. The only thing I can attribute it to is the reduction in medications.

But I like being able to say yhat I’m not depending on the medicine.  I need to call the doctor. It’s time for physical therapy,  I  need to go. I’ll be back! 

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