Taking a Breath 

Here’s my heart and life Lord, speak what is true! Lyrics from Lauren Daigle. I’ve been trying so hard to do a good job at work tonight that I haven’t stopped pushing til just now. I’m tired. Everyone thinks so. Must look it. I had a restlessness dogging me all day. Even before breakfast and church. Maybe my sleeping is taking more out of me than I am getting. So I’ve come to no conclusions because there are too many ifs. 

All I  know for sure is that I needed this time of worship desperately. Just like I needed it this morning corporately. I Maybe even more so. I think it isn’t restlessness, but rather my spirit screaming for attention. Give me the rest that only comes in His presence. Too much play and not enough time alone with my King. It’s quality not quantity.

It’s been difficult to delete my website and Facebook page, but it was the right thing to do. Blogging is more my speed right now. I’m trying to update my blog. Some posts just didn’t need to stay. It is difficult because I am trying to do it on my phone.  LOL

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